Rinaldo’s Take-Away

A delicious selection of Rinaldos meals, sides and desserts for you to enjoy at home, along with some of our favourite wines and house made produce.

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Available 5:30pm-8pm Tuesday-Saturday, 12:00pm-3pm Friday & Saturday




Gnocchi al Pomodoro
21 AUD
Hand made dutch cream potato gnocchi in rich tomato sauce, torn basil and topped with parmesan cheese

Gnocchi Ragu alla Bolognese
22 AUD
Hand made dutch cream potato gnocchi with local Tarrawingee beef ragu, topped with parmesan cheese

16.5 AUD
Delicious layers of house made free range egg pasta sheets and Tarrawingee beef ragu topped with cheesy béchamel sauce

Pesto Alla Genovese Fettuccini
22 AUD
Pasta Fresca fettuccini tossed through house-made basil pesto 'Alla Genovese' with pecorino cheese, topped with burrata mozzarella

22 AUD
Free range egg ravioli filled with ricotta, pea and mint served with creamy roasted pumpkin and sage sauce topped with parmesan cheese

Rigatoni Arrabbiata
23 AUD
House made Rigatoni pasta in San Marzano tomato, Victorian pancetta and chilli sauce topped with cheese

Spaghetti Bolognese
16.5 AUD
House made spaghetti with Tarrawingee beef bolognese sauce topped with parmesan cheese

Spaghetti Carbonara
22 AUD
Traditional style Carbonara, with Gamze's Smokehouse "Guanciale" smoked pork cheek, free range eggs, local garlic, finished with pecorino and parsley

Spaghetti di Mare
30 AUD
House made free range egg spaghetti with pan-fried fresh mixed seafood in Napolitana sauce, local garlic, chilli and continental parsley

Spaghetti al Pomodoro
16 AUD
House made spaghetti with a rich tomato sauce, torn basil topped with parmesan cheese


Bistecca di Manzo
31.5 AUD
Eye fillet cooked medium wrapped in prosciutto served with potato gratin, wilted spinach and mushrooms

Confit d'Anatra
30 AUD
Crispy duck maryland served with parmesan tossed potatoes, braised red cabbage and mushy peas with a red wine jus

L'agnello con Caponata
27 AUD
Slow cooked lamb shoulder topped with gremolata served on caponata and parmesan fried Kipfler potatoes

Pollo Arrotolato
26.5 AUD
Roulade of chicken filled with salami, pecorino and herbs served with wet polenta and peperonata

Salmone alle Erbe e Limone
30 AUD
Herb and lemon marinated salmon fillet served on roasted pumpkin, Rinaldo's olive oil tossed beans and roasted walnut salsa, with garlic and olive oil aioli


Calamari Fritti
16.5 AUD
Crispy fried squid with a salt, pepper and lemon seasoning, served with garlic aioli (Makes a great starter)

Insalata Caprese con Burrata
16 AUD
Mixed gourmet tomato & basil pesto salad topped with burrata mozzarella

White Anchovies
Marinated white anchovies with crusty bread


Cheesy Risotto Balls
Vegetable, tomato and parmesan risotto balls with aioli (3)

5.5 AUD
House-made warm rosemary and local garlic focaccia

Funky Wedges
5.5 AUD
Fresh garlic, herbs and black pepper coating with aioli

Garlic Focacia
7.5 AUD
Hot garlic butter infused house-made focaccia

Rocket & Parmesan Salad
8.5 AUD
With balsamic dressing

Salmon Croquettes
7.5 AUD
Hand rolled and crumbed salmon, potato, parmesan and parsley croquettes with garlic aioli (5)

Desserts & Treats

House Made Gelato
11 AUD
Choose up to 3 flavours

Vanilla Bean Panna Cotta
10 AUD
Galliano and vanilla bean panna cotta served with new season strawberry coulis

Dark Chocolate Coated Hazelnuts
8.5 AUD
Locally grown in Stanley by Hillsborough Quality Nuts

Cannoli with chocolate and vanilla custard filling (2)

Apple & Raspberry Crepes
10 AUD
Spiced apple filled crepes topped with raspberry sauce and a scoop of house-made vanilla gelato

10 AUD
Traditional style coffee soaked sponge fingers, layered chocolate and marscapone with house made chocolate gelato

Banana Fritters
10 AUD
Banana and chocolate filled fritters in cinnamon sugar with vanilla gelato

Red Wine

Matriarch & Rogue Nero d'Avola
25 AUD
2017 South Australia

Pizzini Nonna Gisella Sangiovese
23 AUD
2018 King Valley

The Victorian Primitivo by Sam Plunkett
23 AUD
2018 Strathbogie Ranges

White Wine

Redbank Fiano
19 AUD
2017, Victoria

Brown Brothers Moscato
22 AUD
2019 King Valley

Christmont La Zona Arneis
28 AUD
2017 King Valley

Darling Estate Garganega
32 AUD
2017 King Valley

Pizzini Pinot Grigio
23 AUD
2019 King Valley

Redbank Prosecco
19 AUD
2019 Victoria

Beer & Cider

Alpine Cider Dry - 4 Pack
20 AUD

Alpine Cider Sweet - 4 Pack
20 AUD

Birra Moretti - 6 Pack
21 AUD

Bridge Road Pale Ale - 6 pack
22 AUD

Bridge Road Summer Ale - 6 Pack
22 AUD

Carlton Draught - 6 Pack
20 AUD

Hahn Premium Light - 6 Pack
17 AUD

Peroni Nastro Azzurro - 6 Pack
21 AUD

Peroni Red - 3 Pack
10.5 AUD


Coke Can
3.5 AUD

Solo Can
3.5 AUD

Lemonade Can
3.5 AUD

San Pellegrino Aranciata

San Pellegrino Aranciata Rossa

San Pellegrino Chinotto

San Pellegrino Limonata

San Pellegrino Mineral Water
3.5 AUD

Hours of Operation

Lunch: Fri & Sat 12pm-3pm

Dinner: Tues-Weds 5.30pm-9.30pm

Thurs-Sat 5.30pm-10.30pm

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